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AniClash - Central Fiction Launch Tournament #2 - 10/8/16

  • 8 Игроков
  • Double Elimination
  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction
  • October 8, 2016 за 7:00 PM EDT
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Tournament Thread on

Shortly after our Launch Iron Man event, our 2nd standard 1v1 Tournament for Central Fiction will commence!



- Double Elimination. Bracket Matches are best of 3, Finals best of 5.

- Accepted Stage Selections: The new and improved Lessons / Ishana - Silent - / Coliseum - Silent - / Altar / Cathedral - Silent - / Old Gate. If you select the wrong stage, you will be given a warning once, than an automatic loss of one game.

- Player DQ/Match loss due to inadequate network connection is up to the discretion of the individual TO on hand.

- Only the loser of the previous game in a set is allowed to switch characters before the next game in that set.


Additional Information

- Bracket is not final until after 8:10 PM EST.

- Winner's Bracket will be played out until we're a few rounds deep depending on the size of the tournament, and then we will proceed to the Loser's Bracket. Depending on entrants, all matches in loser's may not be streamed.

- Attendance and punctuality is a necessity. You have exactly two minutes to be present for your match, or you will be sent to loser's or DQ'ed, as listed above. It is strongly suggested you keep an eye on the bracket, the stream chat and the stream commentary as your match will be announced when it is approaching.

- Dualboxing on the same PSN account and PS3/4 is not tolerated. One player per console. DQ will be issued if not adhering to this rule.

Это предварительная турнирная сетка, до начала турнира она может быть изменена .

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