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AniClash BBXTB 3 - Blazblue Cross Tag Battle - 6/22/18

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Console: PS4

AniClash is hosting Blazblue Cross Tag Battle for the third straight week. Come join us for the tournament debut of Hakumen, Jubei, Naoto, Aigis, Carmine, Vatista, and Yang.

Important: We have decided to run the traditional format of Best of 3 for all matches besides WF/GF/LF. This was decided via a poll and with an overwhelming majority. With this format, we can guarantee more matches on stream.


Stream located at our Official Twitch Channel; make sure you subscribe to that channel, our Official YoutubeTwitter, and our Discord to stay up to date with all things AniClash!


  • Double Elimination. Bracket Matches are best of 3, Finals are best of 5. 
  • Accepted Stage Selections: All until decided otherwise. 
  • Player DQ/Match loss due to inadequate network connection is up to the discretion of the individual TO on hand.
  • Only the loser of the previous game in a set is allowed to switch characters before the next game in that set.
  • If you are not on hand for your match due to being preoccupied with other tournaments at the time or failing to pay adequate attention to the stream/bracket, you are subject to an immediate loss of your designated match at the discretion of the TO.

Additional Information

  • Bracket is not final until after 7:15 PM EST.
  • Winner's Bracket will be played out until we're a few rounds deep depending on the size of the tournament, and then we will proceed to the Loser's Bracket. Depending on entrants, all matches in loser's may not be streamed.
  • Attendance and punctuality is a necessity throughout the night. You have approximately 2-3 minutes to be present for your matches when they arrive, or you will be sent to loser's or DQ'ed. Keeping a keen eye on the chat--where the matchups will be posted--and listening to the stream--where they'll be announced--is strongly encouraged to avoid such penalties.
  • Dualboxing on the same PSN account and PS4 is not tolerated. One player per console.


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